How to Get Children Excited About Flossing and Dental Health

Teaching kids the basics of dental care can be challenging, especially when it comes to flossing. From finding the right children’s dental floss product to peak their interest, to making sure they’re using the right technique, it’s important for parents to find the most effective solutions for their children.

Discussing flossing with your child’s dentist can help you find the right strategy to help your child. If your child doesn’t yet have a dentist, contact Jubilee Dental today for quality, affordable care!  

Why Is Flossing Important?

Flossing is essential to good dental health because it’s the most effective way to get rid of food and plaque from between the teeth. By flossing at least once or twice a day, your child can decrease the likelihood of getting cavities.

From the time your child’s first two teeth come in, you should be flossing their teeth once a day, using either regular dental string floss or floss sticks. Once your child turns about six or seven years old, they should have the coordination necessary to floss their own teeth.

However, you should still make sure they’re properly flossing in the back of their mouths.

How to Make Flossing Fun for Your Kids

Instead of explaining the benefits of flossing, like how it helps polish their teeth, fight plaque, and combat bad breath, find a way to make it fun and easy.

  • Follow the leader—Set an example for your kids by brushing and flossing your teeth at the same time as them.
  • Cheer them on—Encourage good oral habits by praising your kids each time they floss (with help and by themselves).
  • Get cool tools—Make flossing more exciting with brightly-colored children’s dental floss sticks. Don’t forget to tell them to throw each stick away after one use.
  • Make it fun—Find a way to make flossing interesting for your kids. Whether it’s with a song, an adventure story, or a puzzle they have to solve.
  • Reward their success—Keep track of your child’s progress on a chart by adding one of their favorite stickers every time they floss. Each time they floss for a week, give them a special reward.

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